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Compose your story using modules tailored for storytelling

Sections & elements

Sections with elements are what makes text content of your story and builds the skeleton that other elements can latch on to. The following section elements are available:

  • Titles

  • Rich text

  • Quote

  • Image

  • Video

  • Audio

  • Grid

  • Custom code - for custom solutions or embeds

Background elements

A story is experienced by scrolling and background elements are tied to the scroll position of the story. That means that you have full control over when an element should be visible. Telling a story about a journey from New York to Tokyo? Show the progress of that journey on a Globe in the background. The following background elements are available:

  • Image

  • Video

  • Carousel - containing images and videos

  • Gallery - with 3 different layouts

  • Color

  • 3D scene

  • Lottie animation

3D scene elements

Scene elements are interactive 3D elements that can be used to enhance your digital storytelling. Turn your images into 3D images or highlight your digital exhibition using 3D models that the reader can interact with. The following 3D elements are available:

  • Globe

  • Map

  • 3D model

  • Image

  • Particles

  • Path

  • Point light

  • Ambient light

  • Positional Audio

Global styles

When you start a new story, you can specify custom global styles for that story. Here you change colors, upload custom fonts, choose text alignment and font sizes for paragraphs, headings and titles. Upload a logo and a custom menu to better integrate the story into your website.


Every module, as well as global styles, can be customized for desktop and mobile devices for an optimized reading experience on any device.


To use your story on your website you can paste in a short code snippet into your content management system for a given page. The story will then take over that page.

You will also get a secret link that you can share in case you don’t need to embed it.